The Christmas Slump- Travel Workouts Week 4

Turns out, even in another country, working out through Christmas is a challenge!

I feel like my Christmas season didn’t really start until December 22, the night before my family arrived. So I had the luxury of being able to avoid an entire month of shortbread, nog, and all other goodies that come along with the season. I was actually feeling pretty healthy coming into this week.

Since we were back in Tamarindo, I decided to make full use of their gym facilities. Gym’s are few and far between in Costa Rica, so I wanted to take advantage of it while I had the chance. The first morning at the gym I bought I week long pass. I figured this would be another way to encourage me to workout everyday, as I wanted to get my money’s worth.

Once I got my pass all set up, I jumped on the treadmill, then the elliptical, then the spin bike. Uh-oh, old Kate habits kicking in. I didn’t have a workout plan, and was just doing mindless cardio to pass the time. I did a couple HIIT intervals to shake it up a bit, but after about 40 min stopped, and went to the weight area. I wanted to lift some heavy weights, and target muscle groups that I have difficulty reaching using just my workout bands.

But again…I had no plan…So after 15 min of a wimpy little circuit I left.

This pattern continued over the next two days. Steady state cardio, short little weight session, and done. Combine this with an over indulgence of Beer, Wine, Costa Rican Egg Nog, and tons of delicious food, and I was feeling not so good about myself.

On the fourth day, I woke up, feeling awful, and realized, I didn’t want a gym workout, I wanted to make one up for myself. For those of you who know me, this is a huge deal, as I used to love the gym! Those days are gone. I wrote myself up a Tabata style workout that incorporated my bands.  I was a sweaty, tired mess by the end, and felt the light at the end of the tunnel. The follow day I rocked some bootcamp style circuit training using the stairs of our condo. Again, feeling so much better about my progress.

After two days of more effective workouts, I’m feeling like I’m getting back on track.  We have guests until the 6th, so I know eating healthy will be a challenge, and the beverages will likely continue to flow, but in the meantime, at least I know I’ll be rocking some great early morning sweat sessions!

This experience is truly a testament to the amazing life skills picked up during my 30 day challenge with Wholly Fit. Even from afar, the continue to motivate me, and help me strive for greatness.


This was me right before I uploaded this blog…got up at 6:30am and rocked a 10km run. Thanks to Shaun who rolled out of bed to take this photo for me.

Miss you Wholly Fitters!

How did your workout regime pan out over Christmas? Did you fall of the wagon? Are you back on track?

Pura Vida!


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Black Turtle Tour in Costa Rica

I wanted to do something special with my Mom while she was here over Christmas, and after a little bit of investigating decided that a turtle tour would be perfect. I also thought it would be fabulous to have her tell you all about it! So without further ado…here is my mom!

(PS: She would like it known that she wanted this blog post to be called “Moonlight Magic”)


There we were, my daughter & I perched on a curb waiting for a shuttle to take us to see Black Turtles, otherwise known as Pacific Green Turtles, on a remote beach, in the dark…maybe. Well it was going to be an adventure to be sure. Bring it on.

We drove out of the town of Tamarindo where we are staying, into increasingly more sparsely populated  areas down super dusty roads that brought back memories of trips down farm roads on the prairies in the dry heat of the summer. Best not to be following too close behind any dust kickers ahead. Also good not to be watching the condition of the road ahead and the unpredictability of where it might be headed. Looking out the side windows exposed a glimpse of everyday family life as we drove past houses that are completely exposed to the outdoors, families sitting around fires, on porch stoops lit by Christmas trees just outside the front door, neighbours meeting in common spaces and Christmas lights of every colour, some flashing, some steady, some random scattered, but all delightfully festive. A bonus Chrismas light tour.

The beach that we finally arrived at was one of four. Our guide informed us that we were going to go to the next beach over which involved an amazing hike across a mountain trail in the dark. It was a single file hike on a narrow path on the edge of a slope of unknown height…yes it was very, very dark. We were advised to keep the light of our small flashlights on the path and not ‘into the hole’…translation…don’t look over the edge. It was a great trek rising higher and higher, concentrating on not tripping over the number of obstacles in the way and hearing the sound of pounding surf recede into the distance and get replaced by the sometimes deafening sound of the jungle.

We finally got to the next beach and all lights were extinguished to disturb the turtles as little as possible. As our eyes got accustomed to the moonlight, the stars began to flood the skies and the white foam of the crashing waves became more and more dramatic. It was moonlight magic.

We then hiked down the beach, to where a large turtle had dug herself into a huge hole in the sand and then dug a second hole into which she had begun laying her eggs. We watched as she lay some eggs then retreated a distance away to let her finish while our guide gave us more information about what is known and what is unknown about these particular turtles. We then went back to watch her cover her eggs before we left so that she wouldn’t see us when she turned around to head back to the ocean. I can’t even begin to describe how humbling it is to be able to witness such an event. An experience that absolutely makes me know why we refer to the ‘wonders of nature’.

Thanks Kate. You are my wonder of nature…xoxoxooooo to infinity and back.

Our Costa Rican Christmas (photo album)








It’s been a whirlwind few days here in Costa Rica! So here is a whole shwack of photo’s for you to enjoy!

Back to our regularly scheduled programs tomorrow!!


learning that “rompope” or costa rican egg nog, comes pre-spiked


Christmas even tuna steaks bought fresh that day.


Christmas even dinner!


Post Christmas morning run dip


Christmas morning massages with a coconut chaser!


Opening Christmas cards on the beach


Carving our little Christmas ham


Christmas Dinner

P1010222 P1010271 - Copy P1010295 P1010297 P1010323 P1010372 P1010390

I hope that everyone had a fabulous holiday!!

much love!

Pura Vida


Christmas is coming to Hostels and Hot Rollers

Twas the night before the 23rd of December,and both Shaun and Kate

Were so excited that they’d finally arrived at this date.

Their laundry was done, not a stink in the air

In hopes that their friends and family would soon be there


They’d baked many cookies, and eaten some too

okay lets be honest they’d eaten quite a few


They’d cut out their snowflakes, and hung them on thread (or the phone cords they found in a closet)

And then nestled together in their gigantic king sized bed.


They dreamt of their crew, all travelling in time

sleeping in airports should be a crime

They slept barely a wink, as they tossed and they turned

I just hope the planes don’t miss a turn

Kate could be heard mumbling with a yawn

On Smitty, on Cathy, On Natalia, On Sean

On Whitney On Bradley, On Uni, you’ll be here at dawn.

To the airports in Houston, to the final boarding call

Fly in, Fly in , Fly in you all!

Mi Familia has arrived!!!!

Mi Familia has arrived!!!!

Pura Vida!



Christmas in Costa Rica

Finding ways to feel festive while travelling can be challenging. Especially if you are a Christmas fiend like myself.

Enjoying a Christmas Tree in Tamarindo

Enjoying a Christmas Tree in Tamarindo

I did manage to track down a little string of plastic Christmas balls in Tamarindo, and you better believe I was excited about it. The other ways I’ve been focusing on being festive is taking a moment to stop and appreciate any, and all Christmas decorations that I see throughout our travels.

Our trip to Santa Teresa was especially exciting, as we passed through so many towns, and every single house, no matter how small, had something festive outside. One of the coolest things, is that the majority of the houses display their Christmas trees outside on their porch. It certainly made it easy to be a Christmas Creeper!

I LOVE this crafty pop bottle poinsettia that I found in a little town we stopped in en route to Santa Teresa.

I LOVE this crafty pop bottle poinsettia that I found in a little town we stopped in en route to Santa Teresa.

As for actual Christmas, I am fortunate that we have a bunch of family and friends joining us in Tamarindo over the holidays. We are staying in a condo with an OVEN! A rarity here in Costa Rica. I have a huge Western/Costa Rican meal planned. Turkey, Stuffing, Gravy, Plantains, Rice and Beans, Pico de Gallo, and maybe Ceviche if I can get my hands on some delicious fish.

I guess what I’ve learnt is to not only create ways to feel festive, but also open your eyes to appreciate the ways the country around you is celebrating.

Christmas I have found throughout our travels!

Christmas I have found throughout our travels!

How do you stay festive while travelling over the holidays?

Pura Vida!


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And We’re Off!!!

Well yesterday the adventure began! It’s 4 in the morning here in Miami, and I’m laying wide awake waiting for my alarm to go off so we can get on our last flight to Liberia!!

This past weekend was amazing. Santa parades, glow stick bootcamp runs, dinners out, lunches with fabulous friends and countless peppermint mochas later, I truly felt I got to say goodbye to everyone.

Thank you to everyone who made our send off truly special. We left feeling very full of love. So for today’s post, enjoy a smattering of pictures from our past days in Victoria.

IMG_5763 IMG_5782 IMG_5414 IMG_5418

A special thank you to my Wholly Fitters for an epic final challenge of an hour long glow stick lit, Disney themed, fun run. I was so touched by the amount of people who have up their Sunday Night to run around in the dark with me!!

What would you want to do before a big trip? Did you celebrate with us? Write us a comment!

Next post will be from the beach!

Pura Vida