I Can’t Believe This Took Me So Long…or can I?

Did I leave you hanging? 

As I am sure many of you have gathered, Shaun and I landed back in Canada, safe and sound. I couldn’t have been happier. Although I loved every moment of our five month vacation together, there is so much life and love here on the west coast. I just couldn’t wait to give everyone a big squeeze.

Our final few nights were spent in Villa Andalucia in Tamarindo, our amazing hosts made our final moments in Costa Rica a beautiful experience. We spent our days eating their amazing breakfasts, lounging by the pool,and picking up last minute souvenirs. Near the end I was eating two pipas a day just to get them in!

As I’m writing this it all seems like a beautiful but distant memory. It’s been over 3 months since we arrived home and so much has changed. I came home and quit my job and am finally following my dreams. 

I’m so excited to announce this to you all:

zealandcoaching_full_FINALIt’s happening! I have opened my own personal coaching practice, Zealand Coaching.

(hold on…just have to pause to do a little happy dance)

My practice is based on the learnings I gained while travelling Costa Rica. That amazing country is filled with incredible people and so many of them inspired me to make a change. 

With all this happiness, also comes sadness. Hostels and Hot Rollers is complete. The end of an era so to say. The number of people who read my blog while we were travelling continues to astound me. I’m so thankful for each and every one of you. 

The site will stay active, as you never know where life will take you. Maybe more big travel adventures await us, either way, I have my Hot Rollers packed and ready to go. 

Keep in touch friends

Pura Vida


Love to hear your comments!

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