Christmas is coming to Hostels and Hot Rollers

Twas the night before the 23rd of December,and both Shaun and Kate

Were so excited that they’d finally arrived at this date.

Their laundry was done, not a stink in the air

In hopes that their friends and family would soon be there


They’d baked many cookies, and eaten some too

okay lets be honest they’d eaten quite a few


They’d cut out their snowflakes, and hung them on thread (or the phone cords they found in a closet)

And then nestled together in their gigantic king sized bed.


They dreamt of their crew, all travelling in time

sleeping in airports should be a crime

They slept barely a wink, as they tossed and they turned

I just hope the planes don’t miss a turn

Kate could be heard mumbling with a yawn

On Smitty, on Cathy, On Natalia, On Sean

On Whitney On Bradley, On Uni, you’ll be here at dawn.

To the airports in Houston, to the final boarding call

Fly in, Fly in , Fly in you all!

Mi Familia has arrived!!!!

Mi Familia has arrived!!!!

Pura Vida!



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