My Philosophy

As this adventure continues I find myself re-evaluating my life, goals, and future. I am finding that this blog is slowly documenting this evolution. I have decided to create a space  capture these moments, both for your enjoymen, and my own reflection. Enjoy


Have you found the “Tao of Pooh?

To Mi Madre, on Her Birthday

The Power of a Smile

From 9-5, to Backpacks and Coconuts-My Ever Evolving Philosophy

Month Two Travel Reflections and Big Ideas

Culture Shock in San Jose

Month Three- Shifting the Focus of my Personal Evolution

Today  I Choose to be Thankful: An Exercise in Gratitude

Why Choose Fear?


Final Days of Travel Learning to Live in the Moment

2 thoughts on “My Philosophy

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  2. Pingback: Final Days of Travel: Learning to Live in the Moment | Hostels and Hot Rollers

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