Returning to Tamarindo, Costa Rica

After our couple days in Samara, we headed back to Tamarindo for a week. If you’ve been following the blog, you may think to yourself…Tamarindo? Haven’t these guys been there a zillion times?

Well technically three times now, but yes, we do keep coming back.

During the crazyness of travel, life can seem pretty chaotic. We often find ourselves longing for a place that feels like home. We’ve come to realize, that for us, Tamarindo is that place.

For those of you who know us, know Tamarindo or know both, this may come as a surprise. Tamarindo is a very busy little town, full of people, and full of party. Not necessarily a place that fits our relaxed “in bed by 8pm” approach to travel. In fact, if someone were to ask me where I would recommend they go during their trip to Costa Rica, Tamarindo would be much further down the list then some of the other places we’ve visited.

But we have a soft spot for Tamarindo, and the longer we are in the country, the larger it grows.In previous trips to Costa Rica, we’ve always stayed in Tamarindo, and have been able to see the town develop over the past 6 years (since our first visit). Tamarindo is the first place we stayed when we landed back back in November, and it is going to be the last place we stay before getting on the plane in April.


We are comfortable with the town, we know where the deals are, we know which restaurants we like, heck we even have a cat that we pretend is our own! We have come to know several people in the town, and any time we visit we take a moment to pop in to say hello.

Familiarity, comfort, friends, these are all things that you miss when travelling. When you find a place that gives you a little taste of those feelings, it is always going to keep you coming back.

So, at this point in our adventure, we found ourselves back at Villas Macondo for a week. Laying by the pool, visiting with Bearly Bear, and enjoying our time to regroup before our big trek up to Nicaragua.

How do you find ways to feel “at home” while travelling?

Pura Vida!


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To Heidi on Her Birthday!

Sometimes people enter into your world and end up changing the course of your life forever.

That’s what happened with this gal!

225818_10141448537_3159_nHere we are…just a couple young whipper snappers. We had no idea all the things we would end up experiencing together.

Exciting adventures, Marriages, Beans and soon to be Lentils and let not forget Lots and LOTS of cake!


Birthday are important, and it is hard not being around to share them with people.

So dearest Heidi, have the happiest and sparkiest of Happy Birthdays. Thank you for everything that you do for both myself, and those around you.

Give that Bean a squeeze for me!

Pura Vida

xoxo Kate


10 Things That I Miss

Well, Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and we’ve all had time to reflect upon what we love. While there are soooo many people I miss (I’m looking at you Bean), there are a few creature comforts I miss as well. Here is a little run down of the top 10.

10 Things that I Miss

  1. Pickles and Mustard- They are expensive and hard to find!
  2. My Wedding Ring- I left it at home, but I miss the bling, and people knowing for certain that I’m a Mrs.
  3. Always being sure that you are allowed to put toilet paper in the toilet- It’s a constant battle
  4. Hoodie pockets-I never realized how often I walk around with my hands in my pockets, you better believe I’ll be buying one in the airport on the way home!
  5. Hot Showers- Or more so, always knowing when your next hot shower will be, and when your hair will be clean.
  6. Having two fluffy pillows every night-Unfortunately for Shaun, he probably misses me having this more then I do #pillowgrump
  7. Green Juice every morning- I’ll be hugging my juicer when I return
  8. BC Wine-Speaking of juice
  9. Wholly Fit Workouts-No brainer!
  10. YOU!! (well, mostly likely if you’re reading this it’s true!)

i-heart-picklesWhat do you  miss when you are travelling long term?

Pura Vida!


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To Mi Madre, on her Birthday

You know how they say distance makes the heart grow fonder, well it’s certainly true when it comes to my Mom.

One of our first pictures

One of our first pictures together

To say I am a “mama’s girl” is an understatement. I knew that one of the biggest challenges I would have would not having my Mom there to talk to whenever I needed her. Sure there is iMessage, and email, but it’s just not the same. Going from talking pretty much everyday to a random text here and there is tough!

Christmas Past

Christmas Past

I’ve been thinking a lot lately (lots of time for that kind of thing), and I’ve reflected on my Mom’s outlook on life. Life has thrown us some curveballs over the years, and yet my Mom continues to radiate a level of positivity, and spirit that astounds me.

Last December

Last December

Throughout my life, she has coached me, and encouraged me to adopt a positive approach to things. But time after time, I come to here beat down by the smallest things, and rely on her to pull me out of my “funk”.

So here I am, in this beautiful place, with nothing but time to reflect on what I want in life, and who I want to be. I am realizing that I am finally working towards adopting the values she has surrounded me with my entire life.



So, to my Mother, on her Birthday, thank you. Thank you for staying strong for yourself, and for us. Although I’ve always appreciated your approach to life, but It has always seemed impossible for me to adopt for myself. I’ve come to a point where I want it to. So I’m making it happen. You’ve given me a gift, that’s taken me almost 30 years to unwrap!

Have I mentioned lately how CRAZY excited I am to have you come visit this magical place for Christmas! (probably once or twice).

As for your birthday present, check in the top shelf of the white cupboard in the spare room. There is a little bag in there with a surprise for you!

Love you to infinity and back, bigger then Disneyland’s Tower.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! (this was way harder to pull off then I thought! darn waves lol)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! (this was way harder to pull off then I thought! darn waves lol)

Leave a comment wishing my Mom a Happy Birthday, and then go give someone you love a hug!

Pura Vida!


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