Barely Bear- The Hostel Cat

Most of you know that we have left our fabulous BearCat at home in Victoria. We are what you would refer to as “cat suck bags”. Well apparently we had that written all over our face when we checked into Villas Macondo, as a new friend appeared on our stoop right after we checked in.

Our very first meeting with Barely Bear

Our very first meeting with Barely Bear

Yup, that’s her (or him as Shaun would later discover during a rather exposing grooming session). Bashed up nose, scruffy, and huge! Just a big ole Tom Cat. Her rough looking exterior, and our history with unpredictable cats made us a little wary of her. For the first few days, we gave her some space.

Guard Cat

Guard Cat

That certainly didn’t stop her from making herself right at home.

No matter where we are in the hostel, she wasn’t far behind. Then, one fateful  evening Shaun and I were enjoying some pineapple by the pool when.

photo 4

Barely Bear really making herself at home

It was decided that our feline friend needed a name. “Bearly Bear” came to me pretty quickly. We’ve even translated it, although Shaun and I are debating the direct translation.  Barely Bear translates to apenas oso, and although Shaun thinks that hilarious, I find the pronunciation leaves something to be desired. I deviated the wording a bit and dubbed her escasamente oso (slightly bear).

Now that she has a name, she is a permanent fixture for us.

Bearly Bear helps write the blog too!

Bearly Bear helps write the blog too!

photo 5 (7)

Snuggle Session

She certainly has been a fabulous companion this week, and has helped ease us into our bearcat withdrawals. She certainly doesn’t compare to Bear but..maybe… if you see Bear… don’t mention our new friend, she is sort of the jealous type.

The Bear- Looking very magjestic

See the jealous look in her eye??

Have you ever encountered a “travel pet”?

Pura Vida!


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