A Big Birthday for my “Little” Brother

Hola Brother Sean,

There is a part of me that feels safe writing whatever I want for your birthday. Why you might ask? Because of the countless times you have told me that you don’t read my blog.P1010480

So I feel liberated. I feel I could tell my readers anything, and everything about my “little” brother, and you wouldn’t be the wiser.

I could tell them about the time I dressed you up as Sporty Spice complete with a sports bra and pony tail made of yarn. I could then tell them that you then willingly and without being asked did the worm while having the whole thing video taped.

13331_167047868537_2892311_nOr I could tell them about the time you wore a hula skirt, tighty whities, coconut bra and a clown wig and then posed for a photo.

I could even post that photo at this very moment, because really, what are big sisters for.

But alas, I’ve matured in my older age. None of these moments will be posted on the blog. Besides, then I wouldn’t have any material for your wedding.

No, no, instead I think I’ll write something different. Something a little more fitting for the 539375_10151241362775180_754095281_noccasion.

There are a lot of people in my life that know me really well.There are friends who have been with me since high school, people who have watched me grow up and mature. But there is only one person who has been with me through absolutely everything. That would be you.

No seriously, I couldn’t have gotten rid of you even if I tried!

I often hear people talk about how much they fought with their siblings growing up. How growing up with their brothers and sisters was such a challenge.

389585_10151729260228538_2083539611_nI just don’t think we had that. My memories of growing up with you are nothing but positive. Whether or not that is because you let me be the boss all the time remains to be seen. Either way, I look back on my childhood with a smile, and that has a lot to do with the awesome times we had together (think sealbert, spiderman and syrup)

But it’s not our upbringing that makes our relationship so special, it’s actually these awesome adults we’ve morphed into over the years (sidenote: I like to think of us morphing more like Captain Planet then Power Rangers).

I think there is something in our genes that turns us both into stand-up comedians when we are together. The only glitch is that the jokes we make are often only hilarious to us. There is no one in the world who can bring me to a full on belly laugh quicker then you. (insert poop joke here)

I also am not sure how, but you’ve also managed to become a wise little gaffer. Several 167338_488361878537_2972806_ntimes during this trip I found myself reaching out to you for “help” when things were getting tricky. Whether I’m down the street, or in another country, you are always there to talk me down.

Little brother, I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without you. Thank you for everything you have done for me. From making sure our diabetic cat doesn’t die while we are away (an extremely tall order) to performing Shaun and I’s marriage ceremony (another particularly tall order). I admire the way to live your life and how you encourage your older sister to do the same.

So the Happiest of Happy Birthday’s to you dear “Boner”, you gift is on its way….PS..it’s me in 10 days 😉

Pura Vida!



To Mi Madre, on her Birthday

You know how they say distance makes the heart grow fonder, well it’s certainly true when it comes to my Mom.

One of our first pictures

One of our first pictures together

To say I am a “mama’s girl” is an understatement. I knew that one of the biggest challenges I would have would not having my Mom there to talk to whenever I needed her. Sure there is iMessage, and email, but it’s just not the same. Going from talking pretty much everyday to a random text here and there is tough!

Christmas Past

Christmas Past

I’ve been thinking a lot lately (lots of time for that kind of thing), and I’ve reflected on my Mom’s outlook on life. Life has thrown us some curveballs over the years, and yet my Mom continues to radiate a level of positivity, and spirit that astounds me.

Last December

Last December

Throughout my life, she has coached me, and encouraged me to adopt a positive approach to things. But time after time, I come to here beat down by the smallest things, and rely on her to pull me out of my “funk”.

So here I am, in this beautiful place, with nothing but time to reflect on what I want in life, and who I want to be. I am realizing that I am finally working towards adopting the values she has surrounded me with my entire life.



So, to my Mother, on her Birthday, thank you. Thank you for staying strong for yourself, and for us. Although I’ve always appreciated your approach to life, but It has always seemed impossible for me to adopt for myself. I’ve come to a point where I want it to. So I’m making it happen. You’ve given me a gift, that’s taken me almost 30 years to unwrap!

Have I mentioned lately how CRAZY excited I am to have you come visit this magical place for Christmas! (probably once or twice).

As for your birthday present, check in the top shelf of the white cupboard in the spare room. There is a little bag in there with a surprise for you!

Love you to infinity and back, bigger then Disneyland’s Tower.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! (this was way harder to pull off then I thought! darn waves lol)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! (this was way harder to pull off then I thought! darn waves lol)

Leave a comment wishing my Mom a Happy Birthday, and then go give someone you love a hug!

Pura Vida!


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