10 Things That I Miss

Well, Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and we’ve all had time to reflect upon what we love. While there are soooo many people I miss (I’m looking at you Bean), there are a few creature comforts I miss as well. Here is a little run down of the top 10.

10 Things that I Miss

  1. Pickles and Mustard- They are expensive and hard to find!
  2. My Wedding Ring- I left it at home, but I miss the bling, and people knowing for certain that I’m a Mrs.
  3. Always being sure that you are allowed to put toilet paper in the toilet- It’s a constant battle
  4. Hoodie pockets-I never realized how often I walk around with my hands in my pockets, you better believe I’ll be buying one in the airport on the way home!
  5. Hot Showers- Or more so, always knowing when your next hot shower will be, and when your hair will be clean.
  6. Having two fluffy pillows every night-Unfortunately for Shaun, he probably misses me having this more then I do #pillowgrump
  7. Green Juice every morning- I’ll be hugging my juicer when I return
  8. BC Wine-Speaking of juice
  9. Wholly Fit Workouts-No brainer!
  10. YOU!! (well, mostly likely if you’re reading this it’s true!)

i-heart-picklesWhat do you  miss when you are travelling long term?

Pura Vida!


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