Travel Workouts Week 7- Montezuma Yoga

NB: I was invited by Montezuma Yoga to attend this class as a guest, and review it on the blog, yet all opinions enclosed are my own.

In Costa Rica, Yoga studios are like Starbucks, there is one on every corner.

That is why I find it amazing that it took me over 6 weeks to finally try one.

P1010851I had the pleasure of being invited to attend Montezuma Yoga’s special Sunday night, candlelight yoga session with live music. I felt especially lucky as this class only occurs every two weeks. It was simply meant to be.

Montezuma Yoga is nestled amongst the jungle in the back of the Los Mangos hotel. It is about a 2 minute walk from the waterfall, which makes it both a great place to practice, and stay. The yoga space is located on the uppermost portion of the property, overlooking the pool, and ocean.

Montezuma Yoga is a one stop shop for all your yoga needs. They offer public, and private

The yoga studio

The yoga studio

classes, as well as a multitude of retreats. Whether you are looking to drop into a one class, take a week of yoga classes, or immerse yourself in a combination of yoga, surf, and Spanish, Montezuma Yoga can meet all your needs.

The candlelight yoga class I attended was taught by Dagmar Spremberg, the founder of the yoga institute. Originally from Germany, Dagmar has been teaching yoga with Los Mangos since 2001.

Setting up the studio

Setting up the studio

The class itself was beyond memorable. The class began at 6, just as the sun was setting. The studio is wooden, circular room, with an open concept. As the sun set, the only light came from long tapered candles held in vases of sand, and coloured paper lanterns strung above the ceiling. As I laid in Shavasna waiting for the class to start my senses were overwhelmed. The sound of the waves crashing blended perfectly with the crickets chirping. The small of candles burning contrasted with the Ylang Ylang trees outside. The breeze from the ocean flowed through the studio, washing away the heat of the day. It entire moment was hypnotic.

The class began, and Dagmar introduced the instrument that would be played throughout our practice, a Hang. I’ve thought a lot about how I would put this instrument into words, and the best I can do is, it is shaped like a metal UFO, and sounds like a combination of a metallic xylophone, and a harp. It was beautiful.

The class was wonderful. Dagmar provided clear, and thoughtful instruction, and balanced

My last photo before I settled in to my practice.

My last photo before I settled in to my practice.

the needs of both the beginers, and the advanced. The class had more flow sequences then Yoga I have taken back home, which was a nice change. I worked out muscles that I hadn’t used in quite a while, and was actually sore the next day. Likely a combination of being out of practice, and lugging a backpack around for 6 weeks.

Throughout the practice, Dagmar asked us to take the practice slow, and soft. It is taking moments to be soft, that allows us to grow stronger. A sentiment that I loved, and has resentated with me.

If you are in Montezuma I would highly suggest seeking out Montezuma Yoga’s Candlight Yoga with Live Music. It is a once in a life time experience. Even if you are in Santa Teresa/Mal Pais, you can easily make it there.

What do you think about the sentiment “you need moments to be soft to help you grow stronger?”

Pura Vida!


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Packing List Part 1

Well we all knew it was coming, the moment of truth…packing.

I actually have been dreading this day, but was amazed at how quickly it came together. I figured I would separate this post into two parts, today I’ll review clothing, and then on Friday I’ll go over all the extra stuff. So, without further ado, here are all the clothes I’m bringing.


Starting top right:

  1.  Two beach wraps that can double as sleeping attire
  2.  Bathing suits! I’m bringing 3 suits, but all the tops and bottoms are interchangeable. (I may go buy this beautiful polka dot one piece before I go, do I need it, no, do I want it, yes).
  3.  Bandeau tops, I’ve brought three of these little guys, they are perfect when I want to go out in a loose fitting top but don’t want to deal with a bra.
  4. One pair of black leggings
  5. Gitch!! 13 pairs of underwear…It’s so exciting that my underwear is now permanently on display on the internet. It was really was just a matter of time.
  6. Next row…yes that is one very lonely pair of socks. I think I’m going to bring about 3 or 4 pair. Even though I will live in flip flops, I know I will use them to workout every day.
  7. Bottoms, one pair of jean shorts, and one pair of capris
  8. Shirts, a weeks worth. Mostly tank tops, but a couple short sleeves as well.
  9. Dresses, 7 to be exact. I know I will live in sun dresses while I’m down there, and these ones are really compact. Most of them I actually bought down in Costa Rica on our last trip!
  10. Sports bras- I’ll be bringing two with me, but only one is shown cause the other was in the dryer!
  11. Workout bottoms- Two pairs of shorts, which can double for bathing suit bottoms, and two pairs of dry wick capris
  12. Workout tops- Five tops, mostly drywick.
  13. Warm clothes- I’m bringing one pair of long waterproof pants, that can be zipped off and turned into capris, and one long sleeved shirt. I imagine these will be used when hiking in rainforests, and travelling on those chilly air conditioned buses.
  14. A bright purple waterproof jacket.

So there you go! What do you think? Did I miss anything? Is it too much? I definitely found the workout gear challenging. I know I’ll be having a crazy sweaty workout every morning, so I had to bring extra to accommodate that. But the nice thing is, my Mom is coming to visit for Christmas, so if I find I’ve brought to much, I can always send some things home with her!

Stay tuned for my next post which will cover things like, shoes, electronics, and all the other little knick-knacks I’m bringing!

What are your packing strategies? How do you think I did? Any tips you want to share?

Pura Vida!