100th Blog Post-What I’ve learned about being a Travel Blogger

Wowza, 100 posts! Can you believe it?!

I think I’ve gotten the hang of this whole travel blogging thing, but it’s been an experience full of lessons. Here are a couple things I’ve discovered along the way

You become a slave to the WiFi connection: I sort of envisioned my travel blogging life as swaying in hammocks while writing witty posts for you all. My reality is more like sitting outside in swarms of bugs, crouching in front of hotel lobbies, buying countless cups of bad coffee…Anything to secure that illusuive WiFi connection to get the blog posted!

You make lots of friends while blogging!

You make lots of friends while blogging!

You start narrating blog posts in your brain: Instead of walking along the beach and thinking how nice the view is like a normal person, you have a little constant narrator in your head giving you a play by play, “We walked along the beach, the air was warm and the palm trees were swaying.” It’s an adverse side effect to being a blogger.

The blog becomes your third travel companion: What’s on the blog? Is the blog posted? I have to post the blog. What should I write on the blog? Want to write on the blog? It’s for the blog…Catch my drift?

The blog is the perfect email cop-out: Dearest (insert name), Thanks so much for the email. Yes, we’re having a great time. Yes, we’ve been up to all sorts of stuff. You should read the blog, here’s the link. Best regards- Kate and Shaun

Sometimes my guest bloggers have guest bloggers!

Sometimes my guest bloggers have guest bloggers!

If you think it’s an awesome post, no one will read it and If you think it’s a lame post, everyone will read it: How come no one read my post on how to become fluent in Spanish in 20 minutes, but my post on what I found between my toes went viral?? (NB: these are not real posts…don’t go looking…you’ll be disappointed)

The travel blogger community is AMAZING! The travel blog community is amazing. I’ve been welcomed with open arms and have encountered some fabulous people both online and in person. I can safely say that my fellow travel bloggers are one of the best parts of this job!!

Check out some of my faves!

All in all, writing this blog was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only does it allow me to stay connected with people back home and meet new people online but it has become a way of archiving our adventures. When we are old and gray we can log onto Hostels and Hot Rollers and smile.

Most of all, it has been so wonderful to know that YOU are reading this. I so appreciate each and every person who stops by and reads about our adventures!

Who are your favourite bloggers, travel or otherwise?

Pura Vida


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