Travel Workouts Week 12/13- Around the World Running Blog Relay

Sometimes you just need a good kick in the pants to get you through the home stretch.

With 7 weeks to go on this adventure, I find my motivation to work out dwindling a little. There are things to see, pool time to be had, and frankly, most mornings I would rather sleep in then get up and rock a workout.

That is, until I happened upon the Around the world Running Blog Relay 2014 over at Kyla’s Motivation blog


Kyla, aka Drill Sargent Beattie, lives in my hometown of Victoria, B.C. I actually discovered her blog before I left Canada after reading a post of hers about a local obstacle race. It turned out that not only had we completed the same event, but we were in the same heat, and likely raced right next to each other. We didn’t even realize it until finding each other online. I love blogging for that kind of stuff!

Anyways, as of March 2nd, Kyla launched the Around the World Running Blog Relay. As it stands, 38 bloggers from all over the world have signed up to run as much as they can from March 2nd until April 30th. The goal is to see how far across the world we can make it!

My friend Shannon over at The Birthday Dinner, convinced me to sign up for a Half Marathon, 3 weeks after I get back. Unless I want her to have to drag me across the finish line, I know I’m going to have to stay the course.

Kyla’s blogging relay is exactly the motivation I need to keep up my mileage up for the remainder of the trip. So thanks Kyla, this is such a great thing to do, and I’m so excited to be a part of it.

For those of you who are wondering, I have pledged 100km and as of this morning I have 94km to go.

Better get running!

What motivates you to workout? Competition, goal setting, friends?

Pura Vida


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6 thoughts on “Travel Workouts Week 12/13- Around the World Running Blog Relay

  1. Yay! So happy I helped to motivate you. That is what my blog is about and what I want to do. Are you running the BMO half marathon?

    Happy running and I look forward to meeting when you settle in back home.

    • Well it is certainly working! Not the BMO, but Oak Bay, Goddess (10km) and Goodlife… So far at least… Who knows what else ill end up committing too!

  2. I’m part of the challenge too! There are many days I find it hard to workout but somehow manage to do so…it’s one of those things where I can just get lost for a few minutes 🙂 Challenges help keep me on track, that’s for sure!

    • So nice to hear from another “Around the Worlder”

      Challenge always motivates me, in fact I’m setting out my runner for my early morning beach run as we speak!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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