Hotel La Aurora- Montezuma, Costa Rica

I feel like shouting from the hilltops..


After 9 days in Santa Teresa, Shaun and I were itching to explore a new area. We hopped in a taxi, and headed off on the 25min drive to Montezuma. I’m consistently amazed at how these gigantic taxi vans can navigate the rough Costa Rican terrain. We crossed rivers, climbed mountains and flew down steep hills, all while the driver was texting. Amazing, isn’t it!

The entrance to La Aurora

The entrance to La Aurora

We finally arrived at our hostel, which is gorgeous. Hotel La Aurora is perfectly located right in the middle of the little town.

As we explored the hotel, we realized that it is deceivingly large. Everywhere you turn is a new hallway full of rooms.

Our room

Our room

Our room has a double, and single bed, and our own bathroom. There is a communal kitchen, but each room has its own fridge. There is coffee every morning in the kitchen, and wifi in the outdoor reception area from 6am-10pm.

Lots of books and hammocks are scattered around, so there are lots of places to lounge around and relax.

The view outside our room.

The view outside our room.

Our room is located right in the centre of one of the big communal areas, but luckily the shut down at 10pm so noise isn’t an issue.

Shaun was pretty darn excited to see P1010101the view from our room. A pool table! Epic. It didn’t take us long after checking in to partake in a game or two. (Although, let’s be honest, I was just in it for the “lessons” from an attractive husband).

So the rooms, and entertainment are great. The kitchen is small with basic amenities. I couldn’t see myself using it long term.

The resident cat. Of course we make furry friends wherever we go!

The resident cat. Of course we make furry friends wherever we go!

Despite the small kitchen, this place is fabulous. Apparently this hotel was one of the very first hotels in Montezuma. The owner was an artist, and there is incredible artwork hanging all throughout the building.  The onsite staff are wonderful, and you can book all your tours, and shuttles through them for cheap.

We were only in Montezuma for 2 nights, but have already decided that we will be back, and when we do we will be staying at Hotel Aurora.

Have you every stumbled across somewhere and thought, Oh my gosh, this is my place! If so, where?

Pura Vida!


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3 thoughts on “Hotel La Aurora- Montezuma, Costa Rica

  1. Hi Kate and Shaun! I am loving your blog so much and enjoy checking every day! I like all the pictures too! It sounds like you are having an amazing time in CR. I am envious! I bet the nice weather isn’t hard to take either. Its good that you are getting your “cat fix” as you must be missing Bear. Im sure all the new cats you are meeting love all the attention! Are you back in Tamarindo now? Has Bradley arrived? Does it feel like Christmas down there? I see in your pictures that there are some Christmas decorations and trees decorated? It will be a great experience having Christmas close to the Equator and with the hot weather. It sounds like you have a great dinner for Christmas planned, Kate! Has your mom arrived yet Kate? Merry Christmas to you all. I appreciate all your information so much, it feels like you are not so far away! Take care, love, deb (hello to my boys for me)

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