Date Night at Kahiki, Tamarindo Costa Rica

After two nights of rice and beans, Shaun and I were ready for an evening out. So we dubbed it a date night, and hit the town!

Date Night!

Date Night!

Please note that I actually blew dry my hair and bangs! It was a big big step, and likely one of the only times it will be mild enough for me to pull it off without being a grease ball by the end of the night!

We started date night with a cervasa on the beach. The sunsets are just to good to miss. Afterwards, we headed to Kahiki, Sports Bar and Restaurant. Shaun and I had been to Kahiki on our previous trip, and really enjoyed it. Kahiki is on the road to Playa Langosta, so it’s sort of out of the way a bit, but it really is worth the jaunt.

photo 2 (8)

We arrived shortly after 6, and we had the place to ourselves (aside from the cows that were roaming the streets out front). We scanned the menu looking for delicious items that we wouldn’t be able to make ourselves. It didn’t take us long to decide what we wanted.

He's smiling cause he knows he has a burger coming!

He’s smiling cause he knows he has a burger coming!

Shaun knew before he even left the hostel that there was a burger and fries in his future, and he was pretty darn excited about (well as excited as Shaun gets!). I opted for the seared tuna and avocado salad. I love all the fresh seafood here, and since Shaun’s not a fan, I want to indulge anytime I have the chance!

So excited not to be eating rice and beans tonight!

So excited not to be eating rice and beans tonight!

We soon realized that the benefit of fending for ourselves with hostel food, is that when you do get the opportunity to go out, everything tastes AMAZING! I feel like I’ve never had seared tuna like that before. I don’t think we spoke one word during the meal, except for the occasional moan of deliciousness.

If you are travelling in Tamarindo, I would highly suggest Kahiki. The chef is amazing, and they often have games playing for those who are into the whole sports things. If you can’t make it for dinner, they have amazing breakfasts too!

After dinner we realized that we still had time to hit up another happy hour before 7. We headed back to the place we went to on night one, Wild Panda. I don’t think there is a night that we’ve been out that we haven’t stopped in there. Their focus is on healthy food and drinks, so of course I’m all over it. Their rum and pineapple is literally just that. Rum, Pineapple and ice…maybe with a dash of amazingness!

we opted to try the vodka watermelon

we opted to try the vodka watermelon

As tempting as it was to polish off another one of Junior’s delicious cocktails, the budget beckoned us back to the hostel. Bearly Bear met us a the door. The three of us shared a beverage on the balcony before turning in.

Water for her, Imperial for us

Water for her, Imperial for us

She was pretty thankful not to be drinking pool water!

I cropped out her nether regions for your viewing pleasure!

I cropped out her nether regions for your viewing pleasure!

After a quick snuggle, we called it a night. It was so nice to get out and about! Back to, hostel food, beach walks and netflix for the next few days though. Gotta stick to the budget!

How do you budget when you travelling?

Pura Vida!


5 thoughts on “Date Night at Kahiki, Tamarindo Costa Rica

  1. So happy to see the wonderful pictures of you two and glad that you are having a good time! So you have gained a cat??? Lucky cat! It is good to hear about what life is like down in the warm country! It has been cold here but beautiful and sunny. Take care x miss you. love mom x deb x

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  3. I LOVED Kahiki! I went there almost everyday during my time in Tamarindo for their afternoon tacos & beer special (only $6) Luke, the bartender was awesome and the tacos are the best ever! I miss my 3pm Kahiki runs and can’t wait to get back to CR, Tamarindo especially!

    Tip: Be careful of the crocodile who lives in the culvert under the road! 😉

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