Healthy Hostel Meals Part 2

Today in the Healthy Hostel Meal series, I’m going to run down our very first hostel meal of the trip! It’s evident we have a little bit of learning to do, but regardless, it turned out pretty darn good!

Master Chef Shaun!

Master Chef Shaun!

If you’ve read the first post in the Healthy Hostel Meals series, you are already familiar with what we picked up at the store.

Our very simple ingredient list!

Our very simple ingredient list!

Tonight’s menu was stir fried vegetables with rice and beans. We started the meal early, since we figured the brown rice would take forever. Shaun was on rice duty, because I am forever lacking in that area. I was on veggie duty!

Angry little gaffer isn't he.

Angry little gaffer isn’t he.

There were so many cool looking veggies in the little pack we got. First off, let’s take a moment to appreciate how angry this little sourpuss of a squash looks. I’ve seen these in the store before, but have never cooked with one before. There were also teeny tiny patty-pan squash as well. I chopped a bunch of them up, as well as some mini carrots, cabbage and mini zucchini. (side note, it’s telling me that zucchini is spelled incorrectly, I beg to differ)



Next up were these little corn husks. This picture doesn’t do it justice because that is actually a really small cutting board. These things were probably the size of an iphone, and super duper light. I could’t imagine there being anything inside.

Ta da!

Ta da!

Well who’da thunk it. Inside teeny tiny corn is teeny tiny corn cobs! These are like those corn bits you get in deli salads, but so much tastier because they are fresh, and aren’t covered in oil. Shaun agreed that they were tasty, but didn’t share the same level of excitement regarding the discovery lol

Once the rice was boiled, beans added, and veggies stir-fried. We were done, and voila!

Our first hostel cooked meal!

Our first hostel cooked meal!T

Again, my food photography skills are lacking, and it didn’t help that it was night time in our outdoor kitchen! This meal was great. We made a full cup of rice, which not only lasted us for another full dinner, but we also were able to add it a couple lunches as well. Tonight we’re tackling chicken tacos!

What else should we make for hostel meals? Send us your ideas/recipes!

Pura Vida!


Love to hear your comments!

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