5 Items I’m So Glad I Packed

As many of you know, I spent A LOT of time planning my packing lists. I even gave a full run down of everything I brought here and here.

I think I did a pretty good job too. I would probably have packed more underwear, and less dresses, but other then that, everything else has worked out well.

All my stuff has been pretty essential, but there are a couple items that stand out from the rest. Things that I often think to myself “Oh man, I’m so glad I packed my…”

So without further ado, here is my list of 5 things that I am SO happy I packed:

P1020680Electric Toothbrush– I have my friend Shauna to thank for this one. She recommended this cute little toothbrush to me, and I’m so glad I listened. It’s battery operated, and keeps my pearly whites, pearly white. The fact that they come in all sorts of funky colours is an added bonus.

Yes, mine is zebra print…jealous? I also feel I should point out that the brush head is not as yellow as it looks, its just the lighting. Stop judging.


Hat- I was on the fence as to whether I was even going to bring this hat. It’s hard, and doesn’t pack well, which means I have to carry it whenever we are travelling. I decided at the very last minute to take it, and that I would ditch it if it proved to be a problem.

Well, I am SO glad I did. I literally wear this hat everywhere (as I’m sure you can tell from my photos). It keeps the sun off my whole face, and breathes well so my head doesn’t get all sweaty. It’s getting pretty beat up these days. It’s full of sand, and some odd stains, but I love it, and just hope it lasts me the whole trip

P1020682Old Navy Bag- This little shoulder bag looks like It’s gone through a war. It has a huge rip on each handle, there is gum stuck in the pocket, and marker leaked on the inside so there is a giant green stain covering the entire bottom. Yet it just keeps on trucking.

I originally bought this thinking I would use it just as a beach bag. You know, throw in a towel , and a book and head out the door. Well, it has become so much more. We literally use it for everything. It’s my grocery bag when going to the store, it’s my purse for going out, and most importantly, it is the bag we use to lug all our food around in. It’s been through so much, and is in such rough shape. If it actually makes it to the end of the trip, I feel like I should frame it.

P1020681Lots of Sunscreen- I think in total we brought 6 containers of sunscreen with us. All of which were various strengths, and types. Although this may seem excessive, I’m so glad we did. Sunscreen is uber expensive down here. If it’s between lugging around an couple extra containers, or spending 18 dollars on a new bottle, the decision pretty much makes itself.

The real test will be whether or not we can make what’s left last the next two mos!


Towel- Some of us packed a towel (me), some of us didn’t (Shaun). This was actually a seriously stupid point of stress for us at the start of the trip. One our first hostels didn’t supply towels, and we were both sharing mine. Every day I would say that we should go find Shaun one of his own, but it took over a week before it happened. By that time my towel was rank. I would find myself glaring at him every time he came back from a surf session, and wiped himself off.

It was around this point in the trip that I realized I have a serious emotional reaction to dirty laundry. After that, I made sure my laundry was done regularly, and Shaun went and bought his own towel.

Also…I should point out that these are not our towels. I forgot to take a photo, and am too lazy to go back to our room to do so. It would be sweet if these were our towels though!

What are your travel must haves?

Pura Vida!


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5 thoughts on “5 Items I’m So Glad I Packed

  1. This post made me smile because though our trip was only 2 weeks my list would be (and was) similar to yours:
    1. Hat- my fedora-like hat got squished out of shape during transit but I wore my ball cap daily (not because I wanted to or particularly liked it. I had a bit of heat stroke from not wearing it at the beginning so I really had no choice).
    2. The sole “beach bag” I brought? Yep was used as a carry allllllll. After our trip it had definitely seen better days. I can only imagine what shape yours must be in!
    3. Sunscreen-I am not even kidding that we started going through a bottle a day! We started buying the spray (I know, I know). But with all the sand and in and out of the water etc. the cream just wasn’t efficient. (Also I did not want to feel sun stroked again during the holiday).
    4. I get the towels. We always used our own not the ones supplied by our accommodations. Man did they get manky fast. I totally the angst that caused!

    also? I love the zebra tooth brush.

  2. Just found your blog today while searching TFG for Costa Rica. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read so far! I’m going to CR for a week in June this year. We’ll be staying in a hotel and then going out on adventures like ziplining, horseback riding, river rafting and swimming. Probably need casual glam for evening meals with the rest of the group. If you have time, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what clothing I should pack for these activities for only 1 week. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time in CR and I can’t wait to go this summer. BTW, I also love the zebra toothbrush!

    • Oh Kim, I have all sorts of tips for you! What you pack totally depends on where you are going to be staying. Costa Rica has tons of different ecosystems, everything from super hot to pretty darn chilly. Either way, layers are key for wherever you are!

      If you are ziplining, you’re going to want a pair of long pants, and closed toed shoes (don’t want those flip flops falling off in the middle of the forest!). I had a pair of those pants that zip off into shorts, but you could easly get away with a pair of yoga pants, or leggings.

      I’m going to email you directly to give you more pointers!

      Glad you’re digging the blog! Always glad to meet a fellow TFG!

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