Our Favourite Places in Playa del Coco, Costa Rica

We came, we saw, we conquered, and we loved!

Our week in Playa del Coco, has come to an end, but the memories we made here will last a lifetime. We couldn’t have chosen a better place to celebrate New Years. This normally quiet beach town transforms into a bustling street party to celebrate the festivities.

Since we had guests with us all week, we had the opportunity to go out a lot more then we are used to. As a result, we compiled a fabulous list of our favourite places to visit in Playa del Coco, Costa Rica.

Zi's in Playa Del Coco

Zi’s in Playa Del Coco

Zi Lounge: This place is infamous! I think I could safely say that not one day went by where one of us didn’t end up there at some point in. Zi’s is located on the main drag of the Coco strip, and boasts crazy cheap happy hours drinks, and amazingly delicious food. At night, it converts to party central, with a dance floor and VIP area. Although it might not be as bumping during the off season, It was crazy during our stay, as New Year’s is one of their busiest nights. For more pictures about Zi’s, check out Shaun’s post about Face Painting on New Years. All that magic went down at Zi’s. I had the opportunity to meet Zi, the owner, later in the week. Wonderful guy! Whether it’s lunch, dinner, happy hour or a night of dancing, Zi’s is a one stop shop in Playa del Coco.

Heledaria 0039- Gelato and Coffee Shop

Heledaria 0039- Gelato and Coffee Shop

Heladeria 0039- As you may have read, my main priority when exploring a new town is to find the perfect cup of coffee. As I wandered the strip, nothing jumped out at me, so I reached out to local blogger Samantha, of mytanfeet. She pointed me in the direction of the local gelato shop. Coffee, and gelato? How could you go wrong. Shaun and I spent several afternoons there, trying different flavours of gelato, and I indulged in many cappacinos. This place is wonderful, great service, a/c, free wifi, and great quality products. If you are a gelato fan, Shaun suggests Bounty or Oreo, where as I would suggest Coconut or Lime. That being said, their selection is huge, and I can pretty much guarantee whatever you choose will be delicious.

You can't miss it.

You can’t miss it.

Pollos Crispy– Okay, so this isn’t necessarily my recommendation, but judging from the amount of fried chicken I would find in the fridge during our stay, I would say this was a hot spot for both Shaun and our guests. Located right at the intersection of Playa del Coco, and Playa Ocotal, Pollo Crispy is one of those places you just can’t miss. Whether it’s the guy on the street with the megaphone calling people in, the trucks driving through town blaring advertisements, or just the smell of deep fried goodness wafting down the strip, Pollo Crispy is everywhere, and by the sounds of it, some good eats.

La Vida Loco

La Vida Loco

Bar La Vida Loco– This bar was totally Shaun and I’s vibe. It’s a hidden gem, located at the end of the strip, to your left if you are facing the beach. You have to walk over a very rickity bridge to get to it. Shaun, the engineer, didn’t have to tell me it wasn’t up to code. I could guess by the foot long gaps, and loose boards. You adventure will be rewarded by a bar with a relaxed feel, right on the beach. We hit this place up for happy hours in the afternoon, but from the looks of it, it picks up during the evening. Either way, if you are looking for somewhere with a good view, and a good vibe, I would highly recommend La Vida Loca. Bonus tip: There are super cool status and signs all over the bar. Pop inside, and check out the sign above the entrance to the bathroom. You might see something representing our home town!

There ya go! Some of our favourite haunts during a week of partying like we were on vacation. Since our guests are gone, it’s back to the reality of hostel meals, and early nights.

Pura Vida!


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  1. Hey Kate, it seems you have spent a good amount of time in coco. I am trying to find a hostel to stay there but I am having no luck online. Do you remember/know of any hostels located there?

    Thank you!

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