What I’ve learned in my first month as a backpacker

I’ve been roaming Costa Rica with my backpack for 6 weeks now, and although the last two weeks have been full of family and luxury, I have learned a few things from our more “rustic” experiences.

So without further ado, my list of learnings so far:

I actually wore these socks again after this photo....low point

I actually wore these socks again after this photo….low pointClothing:


  1. Underwear becomes optional very quickly
  2. Clean Clothing becomes your prized possession
  3. If you work out every day (as I do), you will stink, always. The bonus, is it makes you run faster, as you want to get away from yourself.
  4. When you are packing and your husband asks whether he should bring a towel, say yes…or he will use yours. Two people…one towel…not pretty.
  5. You can pay beautiful little old Tica’s to wash your clothes for you. When you get them back, they smell like Disneyland, Sparkles, and Magic, all at once.
Missed a spot!

Missed a spot


  1. Stopping and thinking to yourself, “When DID, I last wash my hair?” Is totally acceptable
  2. Hair legs make it easier to scratch bug bites with.
  3. For the first time since grade 8, I have a uni-brow. No matter how hard I try to remember to deal with it, it is a lost cause.
  4. Always remember to scrub your feet when you are in the shower.
laundry day!

laundry day


  1. Nip Slips during surfing are a fact of life…for me anyways.
  2. Beer tastes best after you’ve had mouthfuls of salt water.
  3. If it feels like a bug is biting you, it is.
  4. Your days aren’t always beach walks, and adventures. Sometimes its dirty socks in a sink.
My two staples!

My two staples


  1. The last nights in hostels before moving on are always the most inventive meals. Raw carrots and tuna anyone?
  2. Lizano Salsa, truly does belong on everything.
  3. Not ALL Costa Rican coffee tastes delicious. Hostel coffee can taste like sludge…yet I’ll still drink it.
  4. Being in the kitchen when everyone is checking out of the hostel is the best place to be. Lots of leftover goodies to be handed out!,
  5. Hanger is deadly, and should be avoided at all costs.

What do you think about what I’ve learned? What advice would you give someone who is new to backpacking?

Pura Vida!


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4 thoughts on “What I’ve learned in my first month as a backpacker

    • Hehe! At least we can get it in Victoria now! I used to have to lug back tons in years past. Now that is something you don’t want spilling inside your suitcase!!

  1. Always travel lighter than you think you need to. Toothbrush, towel and the clothes on your back are the beginning. A second pair of socks and underwear are a necessary luxury. Always bring a towel, because you want to be that hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is!

    You’ll always be known by the peculiar odor that backpackers all give off, no matter what part of the world they’re in. You can try and mask it, but why bother? You’re backpacking, baby!

    Wherever you are, it’s there that has the best beer.

    • Haha I love it! I agree with the beer.. It’s amazing here, but we’ve brought it home before and suddenly it tastes like swill!!

      Your post has inspired me to have a shower, my backpacking odor is present!

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