My Christmas Haul- Gifts from Canada to Costa Rica

I would highly suggest that if you are backpacking for 5 mos, you invite your family to come visit you after 1 month.

Not only because you miss them terribly…but because you have 4 weeks to send them a never ending list of items to bring you from home!

Many of the things that I asked to have brought for me, I could easily have gone without. (okay, honesty check, pretty much all of them!)

So here it goes, in particular order. My magical Christmas Haul!

A terrible picture of my Christmas Haul!

A terrible picture of my Christmas Haul!

  • Natural Peanut Butter- It was a sad sad day when my little jar of almond butter from home ran out. I even sunk so low to Skippy it up a couple days, just to get my fix. I’m so happy to be able to replace the plastic chemical crap with my wholesome peanut butter once again.
  • Protein powder- I tend not to eat a lot of meat, and I have found a couple days where I’m feeling pretty low in the protein department. Especially at breakfast. These little packs will be perfect to add to my oats in the morning to give them a little more staying power.
  • Quinoa- It’s sooo expensive here (or at least everywhere I’ve looked) and since Shaun and I are getting pretty sick of rice and beans,  it will be a great alternative for a while. Plus, it’s another protein booster.
  • Books- I had so many books set aside for this trip, but knew it would be silly to bring them all down all at once. So I split them in two, and had my Mom bring the rest down. It’s a good thing to, because the last book I snagged from our hostel was a sci-fi gem about DNA altering organ transplants. Blargh. Sarah even sent me an e-reader! Life is good!
  • Christmas Crap- Glitter spray, candy cane tights, garland, earrings, and my light of Christmas tree. I have no shame.
  • Flip Flops- I brought my old crappy pair with me, and had my Mom bring the new pair I bought back home. It’s a good thing too, because mine were on their last legs!
  • A Sarong- A last minute addition to the list, but Shaun and I have been wanting to spend more time on the beach, so this will be perfect to lay in the sand without getting our towels dirty.
  • Travel Hot Rollers- Hurray!!! Got these as a gift before I left, and knew I would want to get girly for Christmas. They worked amazing!
  • Christmas Cards- Holy unexpected! Both Shaun and I’s families sent down a bunch of Christmas Cards. It was so nice to spend time together Christmas Day opening them all up and reading them on the beach!
  • Tupperware- We realized early on that having a couple pieces of tupperware would be helpful in the hostels, but the thought of buying some down here when we have a gigantic drawer full at home seemed lame. So my brother stepped up to the plate, and brought us a Christmas assortment!
  • Gum- yea yea, I’m addicted…and let me tell you it was fabulous having my favourite Canadian kinds to munch on over Christmas!
  • Wrapping Paper- To wrap our Christmas gift exchange prezzies!

So there ya go! Some of the stuff ended up getting sent back with my mom (the Chrismas stuff, hot rollers etc). I also sent back some bathing suit bottoms that I didn’t like and therefore hadn’t worn, as well as my big ole hoodie that I just couldn’t give up when we went to the airport. It will be so nice to not have to lug that around the entire time!

Regardless of the swag, my real Christmas haul was sharing it with my family. They were the best gift of all! Hard to believe I won’t see them for 4 mos now!

Tell me about your Christmas? Did you get any memorable presents?

Pura Vida!


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