Fishing in Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica

Day three of a guest posting blitz!

Today the lovely Miss Whitney recounts her tales of fishing the open waters in Playa Flamingo.

This isn’t any fish tale here, we have photo evidence to prove it!

The boys!

The boys!

Well as always, our vacation fishing trip started off like any other, waking up at the crack of dawn, feeling dehydrated and asking the question, is this really worth it? Well friends…you bet it was. Once reaching our destination at flamingo beach, by shuttle, we were water taxied out to the Lady Angelica were our captain and deckhand for the day greeted us with smiles. As usual, the boat was hot, and the swells were not, but after travelling approximately 20 miles out, BOOYA, we snagged our first fish of the day, a black tuna.

Fish with a black fin tuna

Fish with a black fin tuna

The black tuna were a popular commodity that day, as myself, uni, smitty and bradley all had the luxury of catching a few each. They were hitting our lines all over the place, which lead to the rare but exciting triple header and quadroople header tacs. However, as fun as it was to get fish on the line and get our reel hands going, they are not good to eat, and a typical catch and release type of fish. Besides, we were out there for the MOTHER LOAD fish.

Luckily, all of sudden, boom, there it was. A flash of silver striking our bait, floating on the top of the ocean, and we knew we had something good. It was Uni’s turn at the rod and he did us proud, in about 20 mins, he had reeled us in a 35 lb mahi mahi.

Uni and the catch of the day!!!

Uni and the catch of the day!!!

Needless to say we know what’s for dinner, and amazingly what was going to be a delicious sushi snack on the boat ride, thanks to Joseph the deckhand.

Fresh sushi on the boat!

Fresh sushi on the boat!

The rest of the boat ride was typical of most, we drank the boat dry of beer, had a few naps, and all proceeded to get too much sun and a few burns to show it. However, all in all, a successful day, and a continued motivation to fish while on vacation.

So there you have it! A grand fish tale!

Do you have any fish stories you would care to share?

Pura Vida!


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