Let’s take a moment to talk about Neal

Sometimes in life, you meet people that leave a lasting impression on you.


Neal is one of those people.

Neal is the bartender, surf instructor and all around “go-to” guy at Kaya Sol, in Nosara. We’ve spent much of our three weeks with him listening and laughing to his endless array of colourful stories. So much so that we decided to write a post exclusively about him. A first in Hostels and Hot Rollers history.

So without further ado…here is a little bit about Neal

16 Things You Need To Know About Neal

  1. Neal’s first job was as a cattle rancherNeal
  2. Neal once had a salad named after him
  3. Neal is allergic to the top 5 buttons on his shirt, therefore he always keeps them open
  4. Neal has the uncanny ability to make your one beer a the bar, turn into a night on the town.
  5. Neal has been in a bull fight
  6. Neal is a founding member of the Core Four, The Sexy Six and the Grizzly Boys Club for Men
  7. Neal doesn’t always paint his face, but when he does, he wants to be the Rainbow Ranger
  8. Neal would do anything for head scratches…anything
  9. Neal had 14 teeth pulled and had braces for 6 years
  10. Neal lived in the same town as the actor who played Freddy Kruger.
  11. P1030289Neal’s perfect night would involve bioluminescence on the beach with a green-eyed girl
  12. Neal currently has blue disco lights in his shower
  13. Neil had a near death experience from surfing
  14. Neal is the host of the most popular trivia night in all of Nosara
  15. Neal could and should write a book
  16. Neal is easily one of the most interesting and entertaining people we’ve met this whole trip.


Pura Vida Neal! Thanks for making this last leg of our adventure a memorable one.

Safe Travels!

Kate and Shaun (The Zealanders)

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