Exploring Nosara, Costa Rica

Just a heads up…this is a little taster post about Nosara. Looks like we will be spending at least a month exploring the area, so if this is somewhere that interests you…stay tuned!

I know it may seem like we were in Monteverde for weeks, but in fact, we were only there for 3 days. Our time there was so jam packed, and frankly, so cold, that we were ready to get back to the beach for some chill out time. So early one morning we boarded a shuttle to our next beachy destination, Nosara

Playa Guiones

Playa Guiones

Throughout our travels, we’ve met so many people who had recommended Nosara to us. It had been on our radar since before we even left Canada, and for whatever reason we had missed it in our previous travels through the Nicoya Pennisula.

Much like Mal Pais/Santa Teresa, Nosara is known to be a town of surfers and Yogis. There is a focus on healthy food, and healthy living. Totally up my alley. We read a sign in one restaurant that stated “No Shirt, No Shoes, Nosara.” I figure that pretty much sums up the vibe!

No shortage of these guys hanging around Nosara!

No shortage of these guys hanging around Nosara!

The town of Nosara is actually about 5 km inland, but most people refer to the nearby beaches as Nosara. The most popular beach, and the one we stayed at, is Playa Guiones. This is where the surfing is.

Like many beaches in Costa Rica, Nosara is turtle central, meaning the beach front is protected from development. I like the beaches like this because you can walk along the beach without the obstruction of condos, houses or restaurants ruining the view. The town is set back about 200m from the beach,and there is beach access set up pretty much everywhere. You certainly never have a hard time figuring out how to get to the beach!

one of the main strips in Playa Guiones.

one of the main strips in Playa Guiones.

I would describe the layout of Playa Guiones as a web of streets. I think we spent the first three days wandering around trying to get our barrings, and to be honest, I still think we missed several parts of the town. Most local businesses provide maps of the area, and if you are visiting I suggest you pick one up.

We stayed in Nosara for 5 days, but will be heading back there for three weeks at the end of our trip. The longest span of time we’ve ever spent in one place. Rest assured you will be hearing plenty about this funky little beach front community, as it is pretty apparent that we are big fans.

Pura Vida


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