Cabinas Eddy, Monteverde, Costa Rica

I love it when we find a place to stay that makes our time in a town extra special. I can’t recommend Cabinas Eddy enough, so bare with me as I gush.

tucked up on the hill, Cabinas Eddy

tucked up on the hill, Cabinas Eddy

Cabinas Eddy is located a short 5 minute walk from the “centre” of town. I use the word centre loosely, as it really is only a small strip of shops and restaurants. The hotel/hostel has a variety of room options including both shared and private. We opted for a private room with ensuite bathroom, but in retrospect we could have easily taken one with a shared bathroom. The bathrooms were so clean and nice, that it would have been totally fine. Along with their cleanliness, Cabinas Eddy also offers their guests WiFi, a shared kitchen, free coffee, tour information, and even a barbershop! I can’t even tell you how many travellers I saw in there getting a much needed haircut!

The lobby that would transform into a restaurant in the mornings

The lobby that would transform into a restaurant in the mornings

One of the most amazing aspects of Cabinas Eddy is their breakfasts. Often when places advertise that breakfast is included you either get a very limited buffet, or are actually faced with an extra charge for breakfast upon arrival.

Cabinas Eddy is VERY different.

Every morning we would go downstairs and the lobby would be set up like a full fledged restaurant. Eddy and his family ran a tight ship, quickly and efficiently taking everyones orders, and getting breakfast out fast so everyone could take on their day. Every person got a plate of freshly cut fruit to start, and then their choice of hot breakfasts. They offer the same menu everyday, Banana Pancakes with coconut syrup, Ham and Cheese Omlettes, Breakfast Sandwich, Eggs Ham and Toast, and a breakfast wrap. It certainly made for some big decisions every morning!

Breakfasts aside, Cabinas Eddy is really an amazing. It’s truly a family run establishment which makes the atmosphere warm and loving. The whole family pitches in and you can tell they really care about every guests well being.

We had a stow away the day we were leaving!

We had a stow away the day we were leaving!

Guests of Cabinas Eddy can book all their tours right at the front desk. This makes it a wonderful hub for anyone’s stay in Monteverde.

I nearly forgot to mention one of our favourite parts…LUNA! This little furball belongs to Eddy’s daughter. Although they have a couple cats as pets, Luna stole our hearts. She was all black, like our bearcat at home, but a big fluff ball. I’m sure it was against the rules, but we invited her to our room on more then one occasion. Her presence made us feel right at home and we had so much fun playing with her.

Sleepy sloth friend

Sleepy sloth friend

I have a last little insider tip on Cabinas Eddy. As you leave the property and start walking up the hill to town, make sure you look in the trees on the left hand side. There is a mama sloth and her baby that hang out in the trees.We passed by then every single day! It was a very memorable part of our stay!

If you are staying in Monteverde and are looking for a place that is central, affordable, has a great atmosphere, and delicious breakfasts, I would highly suggest Cabinas Eddy.

Don’t forget to say hi to Luna for us!

Pura Vida!


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