NFL Football in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

How does one watch an NFL football game in Costa Rica?

Well, some of us just choose not to.

But others, namely my husband, find their ways to do so!

Monday night brought with it an epic battle between the Seattle Seahawks, and the New Orleans Saints. For reasons that I won’t go into (mostly because I don’t know or care) this was a big deal, and since Seattle is the closest we have to a home team, “we” decided to go cheer them on.

We headed to Sharky’s, a local sports bar that boasts cheap happy hour margaritas, and ceviche specials. I didn’t care what was on the tube, but ceviche has been calling my name since I arrived, so I was in!

Big Screens for the game

Big Screens for Game Watching

We ordered a beer, and I perused the menu while Shaun sat there in his happy place.

I didn't make him try to talk to me...he was in the zone!

I didn’t make him try to talk to me…he was in the zone!

The menu was typical pub food, and Shaun ordered a buffalo chicken sandwich. I asked about ceviche, and was told it would be at least another hour until it was ready. I was determined, so indulged in some veggies while I waited.

Typical pub "greens"

Typical pub “greens”

As the game drew nearer, and the pub started filling up, we noticed a family looking for a place to sit. I offered them our table, and told them we’d sit at the bar. I figured if Shaun was going to be “in the zone” I should at least put myself in a position where I could make some friends! For being in Central America, there certainly were a lot of Seahawks jerseys out that nigh!

The nightly special, The "Redneck" a beer, and a shot of guaro, which I think tastes like rubbing alcohol.

The nightly special, The “Redneck” a beer, and a shot of guaro, which I think tastes like rubbing alcohol.

The night wore on, Shaun’s sandwich came and went, and my lust for ceviche was slowly replaced by the hangry. I asked the server whether she thought I should just order something else, and she said yes. *sigh*, Pura Vida! So I rocked a lack lustre grilled chicken salad. I was bummed, because it was pretty much the same thing that we had been eating at the hostel the past two nights. The pitfalls of eating healthy! With my hangryness subsided, and  the game starting, I figured I would call it a night, and leave the manfriend to his hooting and hollering with his fellow Seahawks fan.

He ended up having a great night, and meeting lots of cool people. I ended up finding out that our hostel has the Disney Channel, in English!! Win Win on both ends!

The quest for ceviche continues!!

Do you find ways to watch local television while travelling abroad?

Pura Vida!


Love to hear your comments!

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